I'm based in San Francisco. My canine office mate's name is Avon Barksdale.

I'm based in San Francisco. My canine office mate's name is Avon Barksdale.

Mallory Farrugia

I believe that no matter what the medium, the fundamentals of telling a great story remain the same. I’ve worked in print and digital media, with acclaimed art book publishers and global consumer brands, alone in a room with a manuscript and leading a team of creatives. 

I’ve learned that whether you're telling the story of the moon landing or launching a new app, the need for a strong narrative strategy is the same, only the production skills required to execute it change. At their core, editorial and marketing practices are about the same thing: connecting a story to an audience. I am uniquely positioned to offer both to my clients. 

Consider me a collaborator, a creative partner in crime, a producer, a strategist, a book whisperer, and/or an author. In all cases, I bring passion, curiosity, integrity, and rigor to my engagements. 

Here's what working together could look like:

  • Crafting an authentic brand narrative
  • Defining a coherent verbal identity and applying it across all customer touchpoints
  • Building a cross-channel content strategy and editorial best practices
  • Editorially managing a content program or multi-contributor book project
  • Developing brand positioning and effective marketing messages
  • Transforming a book concept into a sellable proposal

I also have a robust network of writers, editors, designers, project managers, photographers, and video producers, which I leverage for larger scale creative projects. 




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